The Lonely Luchador ¦ Smock Alley Theatre ¦ Main Space ¦ Feb 28th & March 1st ¦ 8pm

El Hombre is the world’s greatest wrestler. Flanked by his loyal manager Dex, and his beautiful wife Anna Lucia, there is not a country he hasn’t wrestled in, nor a title he hasn’t held. Save one.The Mexican Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title is the only jewel that El Hombre’s crown is missing. But it is held by a monster among men and the man with the deadliest finishing move in Combat Sports, Mister Muerto. Young, powerful and deadly, he is the greatest challenge El Hombre has ever faced.Yet El Hombre feels hollow and empty…. Can he trust those who claim to be his friends? Or will he forever more be…. The Lonely Luchador.

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