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In life, we are conditioned to plan our futures, to doubt our choices, and to punish ourselves for our failures. In that sense, the Grand Stretch style & philosophy of improvisation is the antithesis of life…

Through a lively and fun-filled combination of exercises, improv games and scene work, this introduction to ‘The IMPROV Mind-Set’ eases self-proclaimed ‘dull’ and ‘untalented’ people out of their comfort zones and into a state of flow, reacquainting them with their innately creative and brilliant selves.


  • Tuesday 4th September, from 6-9pm
  • Tuesday 11th September, from 6-9pm
  • Tuesday 18th September, from 6-9pm


  • Tuesday 25th September, from 6-9pm
  • Tuesday 2nd October, from 6-9pm
  • Tuesday 9th October, from 6-9pm


  • Tuesday 16th October, from 6-9pm
  • Tuesday 23rd October, from 6-9pm
  • Tuesday 30th October, from 6-9pm

SHOWCASE (Optional):

  • Friday 2nd November at 8pm (venue TBD)



LOCATION: The Lab, 1 Foley St, Dublin 1

COST: €150.00 for all levels (9 x 3 hour workshops) Click here to register for the full programme.

OR at €60.00 each (3 x 3 hour workshops), it is also possible to register for intensive levels individually. Click here to register for level 1.

This programme is about Spontaneity and living in the moment. It’s about listening to and trusting your impulses. It’s about recognising risk as elating, failure as fruitful, and the unknown as an opportunity. It’s about building confidence in your own abilities, and contributing them. It’s about collaboration, trust and teamwork. It’s about deep listening, truthful connection and operating as a hive-mind. It’s about releasing your creative flow through a dynamic and supportive group. It’s about unlocking the mind, free association, lateral thinking and forward motion. It’s about learning. It’s about laughing. It’s about letting go. It’s about time to stop thinking, to start doing, and to thrive!

All workshops facilitated by Darren Yorke – a multi-skilled maker of theatre and music, and the founder of Grand Stretch. He established the improvisation-based arts company in 2017 with a view to providing life-long learning experiences in the arts, diversifying the theatre experience, and inspiring a culture of creativity for all ages and abilities. For more information, please visit our website or contact darren@grandstretch.com

For a full description of Grand Stretch Education Programmes, please visit https://grandstretch.com/adults

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