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Life conditions us to safeguard our futures, to overburden our choices, and to punish ourselves for our failures. In that sense, The IMPROV Mind-Set is the perfect antidote to life…

This lively and enlightening programme combines improv exercises, theatre games and scene work to dissipate the fears that ruin our talents – embracing the pleasure in risk, and the pay-off of failure. In doing so, we reacquaint self-proclaimed ‘dull’ and ‘untalented’ people with their innately creative and brilliant selves. Free of inhibitions, ready in focus, we’re making things happen with the greatest of ease and the utmost joy in our life-enhancing philosophy of play, developed over 6 x 3-hour workshops:

  • WORKSHOP 1 — TUE 3rd September, from 6-9pm
  • WORKSHOP 2 — TUE 10th September, from 6-9pm
  • WORKSHOP 3 — TUE 17th September, from 6-9pm
  • WORKSHOP 4 — TUE 24th September, from 6-9pm
  • WORKSHOP 5 — TUE 1st October, from 6-9pm
  • WORKSHOP 6 — TUE 8th October, from 6-9pm

PRE-REQUISITE: NONE — NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE OF ANY KIND IS REQUIRED. It’s back to basics, and it’s all to play for! Come as you are, and PREPARE TO BE UNPREPARED.

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