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Life is comic, and tragic, and complicated. Life is bleak, and outrageous, and profound. Life is high stakes, and low blows, and rising tyranny, and fallen heroes, and LIFE – as it happens – is worthy of staging…

The IMPROV Life Hack holds a magnifying glass up to human nature, allowing us to bring our unconscious behaviours into consciousness, so we can use our findings as assets in bringing life to the stage with Authentic Characters, Truthful Relationships, Meaningful Stories and Memorable Moments in improvised theatre, developed over 6 x 3-hour workshops:

  • WORKSHOP 1 — MON 2nd September, from 6-9pm
  • WORKSHOP 2 — MON 9th September, from 6-9pm
  • WORKSHOP 3 — MON 16th September, from 6-9pm
  • WORKSHOP 4 — MON 23rd September, from 6-9pm
  • WORKSHOP 5 — MON 30th September, from 6-9pm
  • WORKSHOP 6 — MON 7th October, from 6-9pm

PRE-REQUISITE:   The IMPROV Mind-Set (strongly recommended)***

For more information about The IMPROV Life Hack, please visit http://grandstretch.com/our-improv-system


***We don’t strictly require that participants have completed The IMPROV Mind-Set, specifically. However, we strongly recommend that participants at least have completed an equivalent introduction to improv before participating in The IMPROV Life Hack.