Join us in Chaplins Bar from 7:30PM for a casually momentous — a complimentary evening of improvisational play in the tone of ‘WE’RE ALL FRIENDS HERE’, proudly showcasing Grand Stretch Players and making a special feature of our improv friends.

*ADMISSION IS FREE, but venue capacity is strictly limited. Complimentary tickets must be booked in advance. Donations are welcome on the night.

  • DOORS OPEN @ 7:30PM
  • OUR IMPROV JAM @ 7:45PMInclusive, relaxed, supportive and fun — an *open invitation* for newcomers, long-timers, dab-handers and absolute chancers alike to toss their names into the Director’s hat and be called upon to join us in playing some of our favourite improv games and show formats under the loving care and guidance of your side-coaching host Darren Yorke.

PLEASE NOTE: OUR IMPROV JAM is an opportunity to play. It’s not an obligation to play. You are most welcome to enjoy the jam from the comfort of your cosy little table, and you can rest assured knowing we love and appreciate you for being a member of our lovely audience.

    Our Mutual Friend Sarah (OMFS) is the recently formed two-prov consisting of our own Darren Yorke and Nora Kelly Lester, who’s first common interest was their mutual friend Sarah. They have since discovered a lot more about each other through the wonderful world of improv.

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