9thfeb 2

Dublin Circus Project is hosting an Open Stage, followed by a Renegade and finally a DJ Set, at the Dublin Circus Centre on the 9th of February 2019!

  • 19:50 to 20:10 Fire Performance
  • 20:00 Doors
  • 20:30 Open Stage
  • 22:30 Renegade
  • 00:00 After Party

About the Open Stage: An Open Stage is an opportunity for any professional or aspiring performer to test out new materials or works in progress to a welcoming audience.

About The Renegade: A Renegade stage is comparable to an open mic night but for circus folk (and ANYONE who wants to join in on the fun!). The traditional definition of a renegade is an outlaw, a person who’s a law upon themselves, and at a Dublin Circus Project Renegade anyone who enters upon the stage is just that, and anything goes. As anyone can have a spot on the stage the entertainment comes in many forms.

Ticket: 10 Euros

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