Ofri Cnaani

Artist Ofri Cnaani works in diverse media including performance, installation, and print. Her performances are often made for one person at the time, offering new perspectives on the concept of ‘mediation’ through the tension between the age-old occult and the omniscient digital world.

Central to the exhibition is Cnaani’s performance Accidental Triggers (2019 – ongoing), in which she invites visitors, one by one, to sit in for a live A.S.M.R. test that predicts their ‘algorithmic fate’: a map of products, words, news clippings and social connections. The artists considers the potential future of each participant as predicted by their meta-data, brushed up against the crossed wires of automatic product-placement.

The exhibition explores questions surrounding data collection and algorithmic prediction. In addition, it examines aspects of electronic colonialism in the context of e-production.