Time frame: From 28th May – 27th August 2018 (with the possibility to extend if desired)

Role:  Initiating, gathering and distributing information and research on Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle sector across a broad range of topics. This is an unpaid internship position.

Supported by: ISACS Chief Executive Officer

Hours: 3 days/week [approx. 20hrs]

Location: Wexford town. The candidate can work remotely but will be meeting with the ISACS executive team at least once a month.

What you will gain from the experience:
You will learn all about the street and circus sector in Ireland, you will make friends and colleagues and build invaluable networks for the future. You will grow a deep knowledge of national and international policy, legal requirements, academic knowledge and best practice tools which apply to this sector. You will have access to a large number of networking events, festivals, performances and shows and you will have a great time.

What the Role entails:
Research & Data Gathering

Gather and distribute best practice documents of practical use to the sector in their daily practice ie: Tech specs, Contracts, Health & safety policies, Toolkits, Insurance statistics etc

Gather, utilise and distribute existing academic, information and practice based research effectively in ISACS communications

Develop the ISACS archive of material about the artists and the evolution/history of the art forms in Ireland both physical and digital

Information sharingCreate content based on this research which can be shared via ISACS communications tools as a means to disseminate learning and knowledge.

Manage and maintain the records and documentation of any such research.

Utilise this research knowledge bank as an advocacy tool for the future development of the sector

Create, maintain and manage a range of databases useful to the development of the sector.

Administrative & Technical SupportAssist with admin, technical and research support to ISACS and the CEOAssist in the delivery of all ISACS activities in practice.

Act as an ambassador for ISACS in the course of your work.

Any other reasonable duties that may be required from time to time.

This is a voluntary position. Please contact info@isacs.ie with your CV and cover letter and for any enquiries or questions.

Date Posted: 4 April 2018
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