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Reopening Arts Centres – Guidelines

The Government’s Phased Reopening plan provides a road map for organisations, including those supported by the Arts Council, to reopen their workplaces, cafés, galleries, artist studios, theatres, rehearsal and dance studios at various times in the coming months. Starting last week, many arts organisations faced the challenge of reopening after a few difficult months of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

The purpose of these guidelines is to bring the necessary public health and safety expertise to all of the country’s arts centres. Part 3, the Public Health guidelines, will be added next week. Working with Theatre Forum, Peter Jordan and Joanne Moore of SLUA Event Safety Consultancy have prepared them so Arts Centres can reopen as workplaces as well as safe places of assembly. A Working Group, chaired by Patricia McBride of An Grianán Theatre in Letterkenny and a director of Theatre Forum, provided feedback from the Arts Council as well as the sector. Please share the Reopening Arts Centre information freely with your colleagues and networks.

Note that the guidelines are living documents and subject to change as public health advice changes. Updates and additional resources will be published regularly.

Photo Credit ©Ste Murray