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Open Forum

Discussion on how to value artists, what needs to be done to improve employment conditions and increase work opportunities in the performing arts? Vicky Blades, Eoghan Carrick, Ása Richardsdóttir, and Ann Russell with Anna Walsh.

Ása Richardsdóttir’s Presentation and audio file (see below)

“Join forces. Collaborate across the arts in Ireland. Create the binding glue between you and work on your solidarity. It does take time, effort, and more effort. It takes patience and courage and understanding.”(10:08)

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“We’re working on two main areas, one is to persuade the powers that be to value performers as creatives not just as interpreters…Also to improve the situation regarding the artists stipend, and the tax situation.”(1:38)

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Valuing and developing audiences

We have come to expect personalised marketing communications, more intense experiences and social activism from our chosen brands. This conversation to investigates how arts marketing can and does successfully capitalise on these trends.Jennifer Jennings, Heather Maitland, Philip McMahon, and Dawn Walton.

“Are you selling the dream of your show or your product, your organization, your venue? Are you selling your values?..Are you saying this is for you, come and join us…Are you kicking those real and imaginary doors open with your communication? Because that’s how you broaden your audiences.” (51:47)

” The conversation can continue in the ticketed event but we can all be apart of social change as artists and arts organizations.”(1:03:13)

Heather Maitland’s Presentation  and audio file (see below)

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Networks across borders

Think of the word ‘networking’ and you might grimace. And yet to prolong the life of a show, develop the widest audience possible while diversifying income, creating a strong local, national and international network is probably the most important action an artist or producer can take outside of the studio or rehearsal room. This session looks at the opportunities, challenges and outcomes experienced by artists and organisations in creating and maintaining networks.Tom Bonte and Bush Moukarzel with Róise Goan.

Networks across borders audio file (see below).

“This network for me is not something that so much has to do with quantity…but for me the network is about quality. It’s about having very very specific people or organizations in that international field that I know are dealing with the same topics, that have people working there that I have a deep trust in, that I got to know very well because that is the basis how you can work very quickly.” (21:55)

“The international network is still operating because there is so much network. The moment all programmers, and all directors, and all artists stop flying. The network will evaporate.” (43:45)

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Blurring Boundaries

How boundaries, real or imagined, stage and screen, music and dance, theatre and opera, virtual and real are becoming blurred all to the good for the art, artists and audiences.Emily Aoibheann, Luke Casserly, and Emma Martin with Tom Creed

Blurring Boundaries audio file (see below).

“The idea of community has become increasingly fundamental because there is such feeling of displacement all over Ireland.” (45:46)

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Reframing our boarders – What if?

Closing address: Michael Patrick and Oisín Kearney talk about their play for Ireland, THE ALTERNATIVE, and some questions it poses. What if Ireland was still part of the United Kingdom? What if Home Rule had passed? What if there was no War of Independence? No Civil War? No partition? What if the island had only one soccer team?

Watch Oisín’s closing address here *due to technical issues this is an abridged version of Oisín’s speech.

Read Oisín and Micheal’s full talk here.

“Perhaps the creation of art can be used to cross borders. Perhaps artistic endeavours can be utilised to begin creating new meaning, new identities, maybe a new Irishness. Perhaps Imagination can take us forward to reframe our lives, our relationships, our borders, and our nation… to empower us to think about and create the type of place we wish to call home.” (13:44)

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