Published 10 Nov 2017 by Theatre Forum
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24 November 2017
The Cube, Project Arts Centre

In recent years, the numbers of arts workers earning self-employed and PAYE income mixed with benefits has increased. So more and more people working in the arts have to contend with taxes, returns, and deadlines. As earnings in the performing arts sector are modest, it’s even more important that people claim all the reliefs and benefits to which they’re entitled as well as ensuring that the their returns are tax-efficient.

This Friday morning Tea and Taxes session is to support our members with up-to-date professional advice on how to best manage their tax affairs. It will take place in Project’s Cube, with tea and coffee served from 10.30am and will run 1.30pm. Theatre Forum Chair Peter Daly, wearing his accountant’s hat, will look at all aspects of tax planning for people working in the performing arts.  Exemptions, access to benefits as well as the current social welfare pilot scheme and its relevance to performance artists will be discussed by a panel that will include Gaby Smyth. If you’ve a tax question that you’d like to ask this panel, please mail it in advance to get the full benefit of their professional opinions.

This event is free and only open to Theatre Forum members. If you wish to attend, please register just so we can plan for numbers. We will publish updated Tax Factsheets, including the Q&As, on our website after this session. Look forward to seeing you on at Project on Friday 24 November.

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