Published 6 Jun 2017 by Theatre Forum
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Curator’s note

A conference, when it works, should lie somewhere between a good party where you meet old and new friends and a productive meeting that leaves you full of conviction, decisions and actions.  Each offering in this year’s conference is a question in the making – what part of performing arts on this island needs to be protected the most? What happens when we embrace and think about change? What needs to be done differently?

Spanning the global changes of borders and peoples to the internal working of a collaborative creative process, we as an artistic community often embrace the new but maybe sometimes not enough. Throughout this year’s conference I would like you to think about what you would protect and change, for yourself and alongside others. To borrow from Agnes Quackels (who borrowed from someone else):

“Institutions do not act, people act, and we are the people”.


Ali FitzGibbon
2017 Conference Curator


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