MAKE 2009

In 2009, the inaugural year of MAKE, Jessica Almasy, Dominic Campbell, Feidlim Cannon, Rachel Chavkin, Tom Creed, Grace Dyas, Julien Fišera, Wayne Jordan, Gary Keegan, Una McKevitt, Layla O'Mara, Megan Riordan, Priscilla Robinson, and Dylan Tighe attended as participants.  

“There is simply no other initiative that faciliates artists to make non-literary based work. I think it was brave in its undertaking and nothing but extremely challenging and equally rewarding..."
Grace Dyas

“I found the week amazingly beneficial and think it is an incredible, and important programme.”
Layla O’Mara

“MAKE encouraged me to be more proactive about my work, and I feel encouraged about my ideas and reassured that my experience of difficulties in the process are typical.”
Priscilla Robinson

“Was stimulated, provoked, disturbed, supported and very, very well fed.”
Dominic Campbell

Who are the facilitators?

Richard Gregory

Richard Gregory is co-artistic director of Quarantine (, and has directed see-saw, Frank, Geneva, Domestic Science (with Renny O’Shea), White Trash, Butterfly, Grace, Susan & Darren (with Renny O’Shea) and Old people, children & animals for Quarantine. Susan and Darren was part of this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival. He has just finished curating (with Renny O’Shea) Coming and going, a large scale project for Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008, developed with artists, academics, activists and ‘ordinary people’ from Liverpool, Marseille, Istanbul, Naples and Gdansk.

He is researching and developing Make-believe, working with people with firmly held beliefs (particularly ones that he doesn’t share); When you thought you were…, a wake for a living person; and Between us, we know everything, a temporary opportunity to receive advice from a diverse group of strangers.

A recurring interest in his work is to explore the edges of the territory between the everyday and familiar and the imagined and heightened. He tries to invent an appropriate formal structure for each new piece - always considering the specific relationships between the work, its performers and its audience. He works with both untrained performers – “experts in everyday life”, to borrow a phrase from Rimini Protokoll – and experienced, highly skilled performers, often together in the same piece. There is usually the narrowest of gaps between the performer and the material they’re presenting. He begins each project with a set of questions that relate to an immediate personal concern and then tries to search for some wider connections...

Pre-Quarantine, he directed over 40 other projects and productions in Britain and abroad in theatres, prisons, a power station, on buses, in galleries and a castle.

Florian Malzacher

Florian Malzacher studied Applied Theatre Studies at the University of Giessen Germany. He has worked regularly as a freelance theatre journalist for major daily papers (Frankfurter Rundschau, Taz etc.) and magazines (e.g. Theater Heute, Ballettanz). He is a founding member of the independent curators’ collective Unfriendly Takeover ( in Frankfurt and since 2006 co-programmer of the festival Steirischer Herbst in Graz, Austria ( He also works as freelance dramaturg for Burgtheater Vienna.

He has worked as a freelance dramaturg (e.g. for Rimini Protokoll) and a independent curator (e.g. International Summer Academy at Mousonturm, Frankfurt 2002 & 2004, theory program for Festival Theaterformen Braunschweig, Hannover 2004, Dictionary of War 2006/07). He was a member of several juries, including the Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis 2005. He has taught at the Universities of Vienna and Frankfurt, and written and co-edited several books, including Not Even a Game Anymore – The Theatre of Forced Entertainment (2004) and Experts of the Everyday – The Theatre of Rimini Protokoll (2008).

Florian Malzacher lives in Frankfurt and Graz.

Gerardo Naumann

Gerardo Naumann is a director, writer, dramaturg and actor from Argentina, who has worked extensively as a film and theatre maker since 1996. In recent years, he premiered Emily in a kitchen cabinet retail in Lanús. He received the Taller Proa Cine scholarship for script development of his feature film Uruguay, working with Martín Rejtman, Rodrigo Moreno and Jorge Goldenberg as tutors. He also received a scholarship for the XIII Workshop on the Analysis of Film Projects granted by TyPA Foundation for script development and shooting of Uruguay.

In 2007 he was invited to the Berlinerfestspiele / Theatertreffen (Berlin Theatre Festival, Forum on Political Theatre / Berlin, Germany) by the Goethe Institut. He was a guest professor at the Akademi for Scenekunst (University of Dramatic Arts, Norway). His play Emily was performed as a part of the International Theatre Festival (Buenos Aires) and was invited to a European tour. He wrote and directed Retratos (Portraits) (title under revision), a series of short documentary films (currently being produced).

In 2008 he wrote and directed the short film Amor (Love) (HDV).

As an actor he worked in Historias Extraordinarias from Mariano Llinás and Castro from Alejo Moguillansky (currently in production).

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