In addition to the provisions set out in the Company’s Articles of Association, the following Rules of Membership apply.

Membership runs from January – December every calendar year.

There are three types of membership:

1.      Individual

2.      Member Organisation

3.      Affiliate.

Apart from Individual and Affiliate Membership, annual subscriptions are based on the company’s turnover the previous year. Subscriptions are detailed below.

Membership type

2014 Subscription

Member Organisation


Turnover < €100,000


Turnover up to €500,000


Turnover between €500,000 and €1 million


Turnover between €1 million and €3 million


Turnover between €3 million and €5 million


Turnover over €5 million


Individual and Affiliate


Individual Member


Affiliate Member



Individual Members and Member Organisations are entitled to vote for the Directors of the company. Affiliate Members are not.

A weighted voting system will apply. Full Member Organisations will have a weighted vote of three to an Individual’s vote of one.