Curated by Ali FitzGibbon 

I. We.
There is no individual act in the performing arts that doesn’t require collective effort to be realised. Together each individual element, be it the artist, producer, venue manager or facilitator, forms a collective experience for ourselves and our wider society.
Them. Us.
Them and Us distinctions can be viewed through many lenses - the makers and the presenters, the artists and the communities, the established and the emerging, male and female, haves and have nots, the artform and the state.
I. We. Them. Us.
Our fifth all-Island conference examines how individual and collective purpose shapes our industry and artform and through this, cultural identity or identities for the future. Speakers, panellists and delegates will also take close looks at Them and Us distinctions considering social mobility, replacing ourselves and the longevity of a career in the arts, all the time looking for new ways of collaborating. The final session asks a key question: what do the next one hundred years hold for performing arts on the island? 


In this forthright programme curated by Ali FitzGibbon, you’ll hear the views of artists, arts workers and activists. The opening panel discussion featuring Lian Bell of #WakingTheFeminists as well as artist and writer Dan Thompson, will be followed by sessions with award-winning artist and director Mark Storor, Goldsmith’s College cultural policy lecturer Dr. David O’Brien, arts metrics consultant John Knell, and artist and a founder of Fun Palaces Stella Duffy. The conference will close looking to the future with National Theatre of Scotland’s outgoing Associate Director, Graham McLaren.


Here’s an open platform call out with a twist.  It’s a variation on what is known as a concept album talk. You are invited to propose a topic to fit the title and, importantly, the duration of one of the selected tracks in the Spotify compilation album Now That’s What I Call APAC16. Address any topic of relevance to the conference and (subject to technical limitations) present in any form. Select your track from the playlist below and mail a 50 word summary of your proposed topic, along with any reasonable technical requirements, to info(at) before May 9.

1. I'm in the mood for dancing - The Nolans 3.19
2. Shining Light - Ash 5.09
3. Teenage Kicks - The Undertones 2.26
4. I do not want what I haven't got - Sinead O'Connor 5.45
5. Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers 3.23
6. What A Shame - The Strypes 2.24
7. Run - Snow Patrol 5.57
8. Rat Trap - The Boomtown Rats 5.11
9. I've Been Working - Van Morrison 3.26
10. Last of the Independents - Rory Gallagher 5.59
11. What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club 3.11
12. Linger - The Cranberries 4.35
13. Don't Believe A Word - Thin Lizzy 2.18
14. True Love Waits - Camille O'Sullivan 5.39
15. In Pursuit of Happiness - The Divine Comedy 3.30