Mona Considine Chair of Theatre Forum & Louise Rossington Chair of TheatreNI welcomed the APAC16 delegation

The artist as part of social and collective action and personal autonomy

Part One: The artist as part of social and collective action

Start Time at 00:00

A keynote address from artist Rita Duffy on the role of the artist in advocating social change and justice followed by a panel discussion exploring these themes further.

Chair Emily Mark-FitzGerald 

Panel Rita Duffy, Lian Bell, Dan Thompson


Part Two: Personal autonomy

Start Time at 1:12

Learning from artists and makers with different approaches to getting over barriers and taking opportunities.

Chair Jo Cummins

Panel Dylan Quinn, Zoe Lafferty, Conor Mitchell

More than bricks and mortar

Venue leaders and others discuss the power of buildings as a meeting of artistic and community needs in both rural and urban settings.

Chair Anne McReynolds

Panel Marie O’Byrne, Adam Knight, Stella Duffy

The Big Democracy Project

National Theatre of Wales (NTW) set up The Big Democracy Project asking some big questions and instigating action through art. Hear newly-appointed NTW Artistic Director talk about artistic autonomy.

Speaker Kully Thiarai in conversation with Eugene Downes

That which can be measured?

Asking what do we mean by quality John Knell, leader of the Quality Metrics pilot project, delves into the challenges and discoveries of defining and measuring quality.

Chair Maria Fleming

Presentation John Knell

Co-creation and blurring the boundaries in practice

From blurring boundaries between artist, participant and audience to finding routes to connect with audiences and communities, we hear from three perspectives on co-creation.

Chair Noeline Kavanagh

Panel Mark Storor, Phil Morrow, Joke Laureyns & Kwint Manshoven

What's this 'we' business?

Part One: Social Mobility - when the only way is not up

Start Time at 1:00

Discussing some initial research findings on a UK Acting and Social Mobility study, this session looks at the implications of access to training and career opportunities for an open, diverse, and accessible theatre sector. 

Speaker: Dr. Dave O'Brien

Part Two: Replacing Ourselves

Start Time at 25:30

Who becomes the sector in ten or 20 years? Are we future-proofing our sector through entry-level opportunities, training and internship? Discussing some of the steps taken, what challenges they pose and what obligations the sector has to its own future.

Chair: Loughlin Deegan
Panel: Jimmy Fay, Liv O'Donoghue, Rhona Dunnett

Part Three: Built to Last

Start Time at 53:34

Building a lifetime career in the arts should be a realistic ambition. How do we protect and support the most important part of a collaborative artform- the people?

Chair: Una NicEoin
Panel: Kate Ferris, Noel Kelly, Jonathan Shankey

Looking Ahead

Asking about what the next 100 years hold for the performing arts on the island, delegates have their say about individual and collective actions the sector can take to imagine and realise the future of performing arts in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Chair Graham McLaren in conversation with delegates